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About Us

We are a group of professionals who work with a multidisciplinary and coordinated approach, developing dynamic and integral solutions, tailored to each of our clients.

We carry out in coordination with all the intervening areas, all the necessary steps that comply with the regulations in force and that respond to their needs.

We provide professional advice and support in foreign trade matters.

We have a personalized service, which will inform you step by step everything you need to know to perform the required operational and documentary management.

We work to generate a long-term bond with each of our clients.

Sebastian E. Brera
Customs Broker - Executive Director.

Sebastian E. Brera

Rodolfo E. Brera
Managing Partner.

Rodolfo E. Brera

What we do

What we do


Tariff classification of goods.

Coordination and monitoring of import shipments.

Processing and collection of export refunds.

Processing and monitoring of special regimes (temporary exports, consignments, etc.).

Processing to third bodies (INAL, ANMAT, SENASA, etc.).

Analysis of costs, budgets and tariffs.

Preparation and processing of import / export clearance.

Offices of temporary import, monitoring, control, management of extensions and processing of re-export or nationalization.

Periodic visits to the convenience of the company in order to optimize the service.

Management of certificates of origin before the different cameras enabled for this purpose.

Legal advice in customs matters.

Digitalization of import / export documents according to current regulations.

We operate with customs of Buenos Aires - Ezeiza - Campana - Zona Franca La plata.

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